abby im sorry but you gotta stop

no i won’t 

this stupid fucking website has bastardized feminism and everything it stood for it’s bastardized social justice as a whole and it’s disgusting and not fair this website has created movements filled with hatred and the thirst for revenge and it’s not fair to anyone like why would you want to hate anyone that’s never done anything to you it makes me upset hatred is not the way to go it never has been why can’t anyone understand that

and to be quite honest seeing what you guys post about white cis straight people has made me so so uneasy and before you say ‘those aren’t about you’ why the fuck shouldn’t they be i’m still white cis and straight why shouldn’t i be lumped in with those posts hell i’m even afraid to get on skype and talk with you guys because of the shit you post i feel like i’m only around to be the butt of your guys’s jokes because silly white girl lololol 

like honestly fuck it i’m done i hate tumblr so much it’s changed everyone

abby the thing is though im a silly little white girl. jennas a silly little white girl. bris a silly little straight girl. alex is a silly boy. we all have our shit that we are privileged shit, but that doesnt make us bad?

im sorry youre feeling bad but its not about you. tumblr hasnt changed us for the bad or anything, we’ve grown up. thats all thats happened. no one is saying “kill the whites” “kill the straights” we are making jokes and the thing is though, making stupid posts about whites/straights/cis is like brushing the arm of someone who is beating you up

you need to understand that taking feminism and misunderstanding it in the way you are is really bad

you need to understand that equality is needed

we dont have it and you need to stop acting like just cuz there are gross people like femen who use the word feminism to justify the bad things they do DOESNT MEAN THAT FEMINISM AS A WHOLE IS BAD

please you really need to stop this cuz its really bad and i love you but i cant do this

i don’t see feminism the way you guys do anymore i can’t it’s done so much more harm than good these past few months 

like here’s some blogs and posts i’d recommend to look through to understand why i can’t support the movement anymore

and i don’t give a fuck if the way i’m interpreting it is bad i don’t want to involve myself with a movement that’s all about hating other people for existing it’s not right

abby youre not even listening

you are taking feminism wrong

hating feminism is thinking females are lesser than males

thats what youre doing

thats why theres a problem with this

feminism is the right to have a choice on what to do with your body, if you want to cover up or show off, if you want to live a business life of career or settle down and be a housewife

its about the right to live your own life as a women and the fact that you are taking gross tumblr people and thinking thats all feminism is about and its really really fucking awful

you are saying you think women should be lesser than men because you dont understand the definition of feminism and its really fucking gross ok i cant even believe youre doing this

no there’s not

if i remember correctly feminism is (supposedly) about letting women choose the right to be who they are and i choose to not support this movement anymore and what it’s become i choose to believe that what this is is bullshit

and no i don’t believe in hating anyone of any gender at all that’s why i have a problem with feminism it’s all about hatred (like have you even heard of terfs (trans exclusionary radical feminists))? it’s no longer about getting the rights women need that’s why i’m disillusioned 




whoever started that stupid pony mike thing

you deserve a swift kick to the face

How about you not be an asshole?

The person who started it is fucking awesome and expressing her talents as she damn pleases. Blacklist “pony mike” if a picture of a pony freaks you out that bad.

Seriously, do you think Espurr does this to piss you off? No, Espurr is my friend and she’s really nice and makes Pony Mike because it makes her happy. She has fun drawing Pony Mike.

It is okay if you do not like Pony Mike, but don’t be a dick to the artist.

She has feelings too, y’know.

okay mavolent-pikachu change your fucking blog around because it’s hurting my eyes

and dude i don’t fucking care pony mike is the stupidest thing in the world i don’t give a fuck if she’s ‘awesome’ or if she has talent it’s fucking dumb to me (and quite a few others)

one more day until frozen merch

i feel like this frozenhaters blog is a rabid tangled fan and is insulted disney would do a movie in a similar art style

can people just like


with the frozen spoilers

i want to be surprised dammit disney put a lot of hard work into this film yet you’re being a shit and spoiling everything for everyone


90 days until frozen comes out 


the posts on here that are like ‘[strokes ur cheek] ur beautiful’ really bug me

like are we really at that point where we have to constantly coddle other people to make sure they don’t feel inadequate


do people not realize that actually makes it worse because once you’re not coddling someone they get out of control and constantly demand attention and affection and get a sense of entitlement where if you’re not giving them attention they’ll go apeshit

this isn’t okay, it’s a breeding ground for awful people

serious question

why is attack on titan the biggest anime this season instead of daybreak illusion 

who cares about doctor who news

it’s sunday in japan

we finally get more sailor moon news today



let’s be real here

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dude why are you making this about you

me liking/relating to anna had nothing to do with you

i had to blacklist everything frozen related for months because you loved it and i associated it with you

and then i saw the character bios untagged and i thought “wow elsa and anna remind me of my friend and i maybe i can finally enjoy this now” and i DO (because yeah i actually do have friends that love/support me and don’t ditch me just because i’m friends with someone they hate)

my recent liking of the movie/characters has literally nothing to do with you guys because i don’t give a shit anymore

YOU’RE the one that was all like “move on this is the way it has to be” and i have and that angers you so you just assume that because i like a thing that you do and relate to a character that you relate to that i’m trying to copy you??? uh why would i wanna do that

okay yknow what

if you clearly moved on you wouldn’t have been on my blog today for one (and on july 30, and the 28th, and multiple other dates i don’t care to list because there’s too fucking many of them)

and two frozen means more to me than i care to explain at the moment and sorry i don’t fucking like it when someone i don’t enjoy tries to act like they fucking identify with a character that’s nothing like them at all

and literally you did not have to respond to this at all so you still care that people think negatively of you

this was more or less a lashing out of mine because seriously kalee

you are not anna

you are also not starfire

you are none of the cheery characters you claim to be because honestly you’re mopey and sad and you act ridiculously when it comes to dumb bullshit and you like to make everything about you as well 

you’re not a ball of sunshine like you want yourself to believe

there i said it

you’re an asshole and stay away from us